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I haven't been on LJ for quite a few days! Let alone post something…

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I haven't been on LJ for quite a few days! Let alone post something with content. Well in the past month my car's engine broke from all the intense canyon driving that I had been doing over the summer. Supposedly the oil filter had failed (shame on me for not buying a Toyota one??) AT first Toyota was going to deny the warranty because they thought I had never changed the oil for an entire 27000 miles. Wrong! So then after that it was approved for a whole new engine installation. I have my car again now but things just don't feel right. It's supposedly a sports car and it doesn't like sports driving for more than 5 minutes at a time, blarg. I need to sell the car, but that would prolly take another year to do.

beatmania has been such a nice waste of my time, and the music isn't nearly as depressing as Pink Floyd or NIN, so with such I haven't been heavily depressed for a few months. Happy sky for the PS2 should be around the corner for me too.

My Christmas present to myself would be a PSP! It's the only system that currently has more than 2 games that I want to play (about 8 or so). Gradius is much harder in Japan and now I have felt it personally. The Gradius collection for PSP has the Japanese arcade versions, all of which are kicking my ass =(. Ridge Racer is so much fun and so nostalgic I could play it forever even if it is easy as pie. Nothing like hearing the classic tunes it comes with.

Along with that I have discovered the amazingness that is headphones. Everyone buy yourselves a pair of these GRADO SR-60's. They provide a sound that feels like $200+ headphones, but they are just $70! They are also able to sound about as good even with the ipod's limited power output. But beware, you will easily notice that 160kbps mp3's are not very good!

If there was ever a song to repesent the epicness of the Nurburgring, or being on a canyon road at sunrise, the song Awakening from Enthusia ist just about perfect..

Here's a pic of me wearing the roots26 shirt from bemanistyle. Also with some other pics.

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